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The Happy People Space has been created with a vision to make the world a happier place by partnering with organizations and individuals to help them fulfill their purpose, promoting their happiness and success. We provide bespoke HR Consultancy and Executive Coaching services with transformational results validated by our clients. We promise to deliver services with authenticity, excellence, and value beyond expectations at pocket-friendly prices.

Making the workspace a happier place.
To partner with organizations and individuals to fulfil their purpose with happiness and success
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Executive Coaching
Empowering and inspiring people by helping them develop authentic strategies, confident personal brands enabling them lead at higher levels and thrive in their careers with ease and flow
Career Coaching
Frustrated, bored or unfulfilled at work? Feeling “stuck” career-wise with no idea how to move forward? Want to make a career change, but don’t know how or what? Seeking to know yourself better and the direction your career should take? Looking for career progression i.e. promotion, leadership or earning more money?. Check this program out to solve these issues
HR Consulting
We offer the following: Policy Reframing, Organizational Development, Job Evaluations, HR Audits, Employee Productivity and Employee Engagement
Positive Intelligence Empowerment Coaching Program
A program like no other. An evidence-based model rooted in neuroscience and brain development. A six week program that leverages on app technology to help strengthen brain power and build intelligence that is positive for greater impact, higher success, stronger relations and happier self

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